Reach for Kids is a resource guide for parents with special needs kids in the Greater Houston area. The goal of the site is to help provide resources and information to parents that address a wide range of needs and disabilities. We want to provide helpful information and support to parents who have very little time to do the research that is generally required to find what they need for their child. There are many great resources available to the special needs community, but finding them can be a difficult task. We hope that Reach for Kids will be the bridge that connects families to these resources!

New resources will continually be added to Reach for Kids and our weekly blog will provide helpful information on a variety of special needs topics. By subscribing to Reach for Kids, you will receive special invitations to events and workshops as well as notifications about blog updates.

This resource guide is inspired by my son, Cameron, who has been diagnosed with a variety of disabilities in his short three years of life. He has continued to defy the odds and has improved tremendously despite the predicted lackluster outcomes. Nonetheless, each diagnosis and phase of his disability has been difficult both physically and emotionally. Using many of the resources listed in Reach for Kids, Cameron has received early intervention services, which have made a HUGE difference in his recovery. We are very blessed that Cameron has improved and want Reach for Kids to help families get the resources they need, when they need them.