This is a program designed to provide support to families with special needs children. Our goal is to provide resources, encouragement, and support to either mothers of special needs children or children/teens with special needs.

Tina Comstive is head of our program for mentoring moms, which is designed to match you with a veteran mom that can provide moral support as well as help with specific needs such as applying for Medicaid waivers, navigating the health care system, searching for special equipment or therapy providers, finding respite care, etc. Once we match Mom to Mom, the mentor will make contact and inquire how she can best provide support.

Deborah Carpenter, runs our mentor program for children and teens, which is similar in that the child/teen is matched with an adult who has a disability. The goal is by sharing experiences and showing what resources are available they will feel empowered to do anything they want. They will be given tools to help them navigate the world and hopefully a path to reaching their dreams.